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What You Get: 

    A more detailed and in depth plan of action than the standard designer notes included with the Initial Design Consultation.  Design scope to include overall style guidance for space, as well as prioritized list of design recommendations.  Personalized shopping list to include detailed list of items Client should purchase to complete design plan in space. Items include furniture, accessories, finishes and window treatments.   Plan can include additional details on furniture and accessories to shop for, prioritized list of recommendations, guidance on executing the overall design style selected. 


Ideal For: 

  • Clients looking to take their Virtual Design experience to the next level and attain a more “designed” look
  • Clients seeking additional information and guidance beyond the initial design consultation to make their vision come to life
  • Clients hoping to take the guesswork out of what to shop for to complete their space 
  • Clients looking to tackle larger projects in their space and want to ensure they have the advance guidance to execute them properly 



What We Need: 

  • A completed Initial Design Consultation 

Detailed Design Scope + Personalized Shopping List

  • Upon purchase of this service and completion of an Initial Design Consultaiton, KBI+D will compile the Detailed Design Scope + Personalized Shopping List.  We make every effort to turn projects around as quickly as possible, but please allow up to 7 business days for recipet. 

  • This is a virtual service in which KBI+D will be relying on the client for information regarding measurements of the space. KBI+D is not liable for any errors in said measurements that may occur.