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What You Get: 

    Custom, detailed floor plans (2D) with measurements showing updated layout: furniture and rug placement as well as sizes of new furniture to purchase, if needed.  Client must complete the Initial Design Consultation first so Designer has been able to see the space during the walk-through and reviewed Client’s desires. 


Ideal for: 

  • Clients seeking a “no fuss, no questions” guide to furniture placement 
  • Clients unsure of what size pieces to shop for as they complete their space
  • Clients who would like a visual guide of where to place existing furnishings 


What We Need: 

  • A completed Initial Design Consultation 
  • Pictures of each wall, taken straight on.  Designer will produce rough floor plans based on pictures and return to clients to complete a site measure. 
  • Site measure including measurements requested by Designer on rough floor plans 
  • Pictures and measurements of any furniture client would like to utilize in the new plans 


Detailed Floor Plan with Measurements

  • KBI+D will reach out via email within 24 hours of your purchase of this service and completion of an Initial Design Consultation, and prompt you to sumbit the pictures needed via email.  Upon receipt of the pictures, KBI+D will specify the measurements needed to complete a floor plan of your space.  Once the measurements have been returned to KBI+D, we will email you a finalized, detailed floor plan.  We make every effort to turn projects around as quickly as possible, but please allow up to 7 business days for for reciept. 

  • Because this is a virtual service that requires the client take measurements of a given room, KBI+D will specify the dimensions needed to complete the project. 

    KBI+D is not liable for any errors in said measurements that may occur.