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What You Get: 

    A custom, dimensioned cabinet and appliance layout including kitchen organizational recommendations tailored to needs of client.  Service includes 2D floor plans and elevations. 


Ideal For: 

  • Clients in contract with a builder or contractor who want a designer’s eye on their kitchen layout prior to purchasing through their existing contract 
  • Clients who are working with an architect on a new build or in-depth renovation project and would like a more detailed plan for their kitchen 
  • Clients preparing to undergo a kitchen renovation who would like a designer’s advice and plan before starting their process
  • Clients planning on a DIY method who would like a plan prepared by an experienced designer 


What We Need: 

  • A completed Initial Design Consultation in which kitchen needs and design were reviewed. 
  • Existing floor plans from builder, contractor or architect, if applicable, submitted electronically, OR 
  • Pictures of each wall, taken straight on.  Designer will produce rough floor plans based on pictures and return to clients to complete a site measure. 
  • Site measure including measurements requested by Designer on rough floor plans
  • Appliance selections/preferences, if applicable 


Kitchen Cabinetry Layout

  • KBI+D will reach out within 24 hours of your purchase of this service and completion of an Inital Design Consultation and prompt you to submit the necessary pictures and measurements via email.  Once all of the information has been recieved, we will email you a completed custom layout.  We make every effort to turn projects around as quickly as possible, but please allow up to 10 business days for reciept. 

  • Because this is a virtual service that requires the client take measurements of a given room, KBI+D will specify the dimensions needed to complete the drawings.  Alternatively, KBI+D will gladly accept and work from construction drawings that the client provides. 

    KBI+D is not liable for any errors in said measurements that may occur.