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What You Get: 

    Custom, detailed 2D line drawings of a wall elevation, including measurements and placement of design items on wall. 


Ideal For: 

  • Clients seeking a visual guide and measurements when arranging and hanging a gallery wall
  • Clients in need of advice on where to hang art, pictures, window treatments, sconces (or any combination thereof) 
  • Clients unsure of where to mount a flatscreen TV 


What We Need: 

  • Pictures of each wall, taken straight on.  Designer will produce a rough one drawing based on pictures and return to clients to complete a measure on site 
  • Dimensions and pictures/descriptions of items to be hung 


Wall Elevation with Measurements

  • KBI+D will reach out via email within 24 hours of your purchase of this service and prompt you to sumbit the pictures needed via email.  Upon receipt of the pictures, KBI+D will specify the measurements needed to complete a plan of your space.  Once the measurements have been returned to KBI+D, we will email you a finalized, detailed elevation drawing.  We make every effort to turn projects around as quickly as possible, but please allow up to 7 business days for for reciept. 

  • Because this is a virtual service that requires the client take measurements of a given room, KBI+D will specify the dimensions needed to complete the project. 

    KBI+D is not liable for any errors in said measurements that may occur.